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Fresh Thinking!

At THINK! Wireless, we think about Machine to Machine solutions in an innovative way. We present it in a manner that proves to our customers that cellular technology is a necessity, not a commodity. We offer services from all major cellular carriers in Canada. By doing so, we can implement virtually any application throughout the country, no matter what the network preference is.

Our team has more than 68 years of combined experience in the cellular industry. None of our clients are under contract. Our goal is to win your business by leveraging our knowledge and experience. Our commitment is to keep your business with exceptional service and unmatched value.

We don’t sell one specific solution. We offer a variety of solutions because we understand every business is unique, and business has unique needs. Custom builds are our favorite type of solutions. They are tailored to your requirements and are generally unable to be completely fulfilled by one provider. With great client service, building a solution that makes our clients businesses better that could not be fulfilled by only one provider as successful, gives our clients two important reasons to maintain long lasting loyal business relationships with us. As a licensed reseller of many different providers, we are able to be as diverse as we need to be, while not limited to the providers we are partnered with.

The THINK! Wireless Advantage – Our Value Proposition

We start by identifying your requirements. Once we understand what you need, we bring the solution providers to you directly. We help you weigh the pros and cons and make an educated decision. This allows you to make the right decision, faster. We save our customers time and money by providing professional consultation throughout the entire buying process.

We sell the solution at the same price as the provider or negotiate a lower cost and bill on behalf for the entire solution. We let the suppliers fight for your business so you get the lowest price on every component to the solution, and you the empowered client than have choices within the decisions in the total solution.

By working with our company you also streamline your billing, one monthly bill from Think! for every piece of the solution. In many instances, we resell the application, hardware, cellular data, and installation. We can send our customer one bill for the monthly fees and one bill for the hardware. If the solution is capital intensive, we can lease the entire solution and offer one bill for everything. We do it all so you can focus on your business and increasing your bottom line.

Contact us today and discover how a Think! M2M Solution can help you lower your operating costs and run your business more efficiently!



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