Fleet Solutions

Our advanced THINK! Tracking Software Suite is one of the leading providers of solutions in the GPS tracking industry. If you have mobile employees, vehicles, or assets, THINK! Tracking is for you.

Our unique advantage is our flexibility and ability to provide simple, easy-to-use applications that exceed the needs of any business. We develop, implement, and distribute electronic monitoring and tracking systems for any business. We can track virtually any mobile device, black box, or asset. We can work with any cellular network, with virtually any device.

It’s that simple.

With THINK! Tracking, you see all your assets on one screen in a simple to operate application. Our in-house development team is always developing leading edge technology to allow us to exceed your expectations.  Most of our systems are integrated for seemles use.

No matter where your business goes – THINK! Tracking can help you get there.

GPS Tracking

Keep track of your fleet and their whereabouts in real time. We use the extensive cellular network to track and monitor virtually anything. Whether you have powered or non-powered assets, cargo or personnel, we have a THINK! Tracking solution for you.


Dispatch and logistics management start here. THINK!’s Dispatch+ feature is a fully integrated module that manages your day to day. Your employees will use the app to route to destinations, complete a task, capture signature, call clients, and even attach images. Reporting and management tools are all included in this feature rich solution.

Dash Cams

Dash cameras are a necessary tool for businesses with vehicles on the road. With our THINK! dash cam solutions, you automatically decrease risk and liability while proactively increasing driver safety. We offer a wide range of dash cam solutions in various form factors to fit any need, from passive cameras with local on-board data storage to live integrated cameras with web storage.

Watch live footage at any time to audit driver behavior or witness an important drop off. All dash cam footage is automatically recorded and uploaded, providing you a full picture for your driver’s protection. We provide you with notifications, historical video and tools for archiving and coaching.

  • Passive Cameras
    These state of the art, tamper proof MDVRs are expandable up to eight cameras and can be placed inside or outside your vehicle. Perfect for event-based recording including harsh driving conditions and accident detection. These are not connected to the cellular network and are designed to viewing after an event has occurred.

  • Connected Cameras
    These cameras offer a live view or your drivers experience which can be used as a coaching tool as well increase safety and confidently determine liability in the event of an accident or critical event. These cameras have a SIM slot so you can receive real time videos.

Vehicle Tracking

Real time fleet data at your fingertips. Our vehicle tracking platform is one of the world’s most advanced. Increase productivity by ensuring your employees are only spending the time they need to when making deliveries, working on a job site or visiting a customer. We’ll help your drivers avoid major traffic and determine real time ETAs.

Save on fuel and insurance. We can help minimizing idling and speeding and run fuel tax reports. THINK! Tracking can also help you save on your insurance premiums — some of our clients have saved up to 15% on their insurance costs.

Protect your vehicles and assets against theft. Our systems notify you immediately via text message and email if your vehicle is moving when it shouldn’t be. Log onto your account from any device and track your vehicle in real time while you notify the authorities of its location.

AI Dash Cams

AI Dash Cam

Your employees are your most valuable assets. THINK! Tracking provides simple yet powerful tools to ensure the safety of your drivers. Curtail unsafe driving habits and identify them before they become a problem. Reduce on the job vehicle accidents by up to 98% with Think AI dash cameras. Our artificial intelligence algorithms can detect and identify the following behaviours:

  • Front collision warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • Headway monitoring and warning
  • Driver fatigue and distracted driving
  • Driver phone usage
  • Driver smoking


Truck cab interior

Take the worry out of driving log management. THINK’s fully compliant e-Log solution is easy to use and provides excellent back-office management tools.

How It Works

The THINK! Tracking e-log app connects to the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) via Bluetooth and catalogs VIN, Throttle position and odometer data. The connected ELD will collect other data directly from the truck’s on-board computer like engine fault codes, temperatures and warnings that are fully reportable.

The Android or iOS app permanently displays the remaining time of “on-duty” and “driving” status, so that drivers can always be in full control and ensure compliance. Drivers can quickly generate an electronic logbook right on the mobile device and display in case of a roadside inspection. Back at the office, you’ll get access to the drivers’ actual status, allowing you to see if anyone is out of compliance and check in.

*On April 11, 2019 the CCMTA published the formal Canadian ELD rule. ELD Mandate in Canada comes into effect on June 21, 2021. The Canadian ELD standard is very similar to the USA based FMCSA. The biggest difference is third party certification, which ensures all ELD providers are compliant, their service works and meets all criteria.

e-Log Solutions

THINK! e-log is a fully certified solution published on FMCSA website under “Apollo ELD”. Our solution enables carriers to be fully compliant with the mandate while staying adaptable with client needs and requests.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

Save time and money by using electronic DVIR reporting. The solution makes the paperwork unnecessary, simplifies and optimizes the working process. Digital reports also assist trucking companies in organizing the documents by storing them online, which helps with audits. With DVIR reporting you can:

  • Reveal risky conditions
  • Find mechanical problems
  • Keep CSA basic scores low
  • Vehicle inspection reports

Advanced Maintenance

Advanced Maintenance

Don’t miss another oil change. Eliminate downtime and reduce unexpected breakdowns with THINK! Tracking. It allows you to automate your regularly scheduled maintenance work by tracking vehicle operation in real time by sending notifications to your team for a truly preventative and proactive approach.

Maintenance+ provides your team with a dashboard that will allow you to plan, control and manage costs of vehicle maintenance. Designed to control all types of services and expenditures for parts, labour, vehicles and even cost per mile, Maintenance+ helps cut operating costs, avoid critical breakdowns, and minimize time spent at service stations.

How It Works

  • Keeps you informed
  • Notifications will update you on the upcoming maintenance and the progress of current work

Inspires Complex Approach To Maintenance

  • All types of work, spare parts and expenditures in one application – no more Excel spreadsheets and paperwork

Automates Processes

  • Jobs can be assigned to a unit group and adjusted to individual vehicles

Saves The History

  • The archive of works for each unit is available at any moment

Advantages of using Maintenance+

  • Our cloud based solution offers a turnkey solution. You don’t have to host our solution on your environment, eliminating the cost for IT staff or additional hardware. Enjoy a stress free system that offers everything you need all in one place.
  • Analytics and statistics on fleet status allows you to make preemptive decisions on your fleet’s wellbeing. Increase safety and runtime while decreasing costs and down times.
  • Allows for flexible configuration and ACL system.
  • With a user-friendly interface, your employees can navigate the software with ease. You can decrease training time while increasing productivity.



Dispatch and logistics management starts here. Dispatch+ is a fully featured and integrated module to manage tasks, pickups, drop offs, destinations for all order management business needs. Planning, recurring tasks, routing, two-way communication, and a feature packed mobile app are all included.

Automate your dispatch by importing jobs or use our API to integrate with your application. Your field employees can use the app to route destinations, complete a task, capture signatures, call clients and even attach images. Reporting and management tools are all included in Dispatch+.

Winter Vehicle Tracking

winter vehicle tracking

Use THINK! Tracking to reduce your winter liability claims now. Collect winter snowplow and spreader information easily. Municipal and private clients need to have accurate spreader and plow data to operate your business effectively and efficiently. With THINK! Tracking, we have the right hardware to interface with your preferred spreaders (Dickie John, Epoke, Bosch and Force America). Our open APIs allow for seamless integration into your back end ERP systems or website.

IFTA Reporting

Take the guesswork out of mileage calculation and fuel tax reclaim. By using THINK! Tracking, you can automatically calculate out-of-region fuel tax expenditures. Simply run or schedule a report and submit. This service is included with your THINK! Tracking application – that’s your THINK! Wireless Advantage!

Asset Tracking (BLE)


Tracking non-powered assets has never been easier. By using Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) pucks and coins, your non-powered assets can communicate up to 500 meters away to your BLE enabled GPS tracker outfitted in your vehicle. Your vehicle’s GPS tracker can record the proximity of the BLE tracker, report its location and the time it was logged. Never lose another asset again!