Video Surveillance

We take video surveillance from an IoT perspective. Video cameras can be used for security, but they can be used as operational opportunities as well. Couple SMART Video Cameras with cellular networks, and we can now observe virtually any area – wirelessly!

With THINK! your surveillance will go from passive security to proactive security. We can collect real time data and share it with you using real time alerts, notification, two-way voice and reports. We offer total security solutions including Access Control and Alarming.  Round off the solution with 24/7 video monitoring and rest assured that someone is always watching.

Enhanced Power Over Ethernet

Our ePoE technology offers several benefits for users who want to surveil further distances than what’s available with standard IP devices. It’s able to transmit 3-8x greater distances without repeaters with the unique ability to convert coaxial infrastructures to pure IP without ripping and replacing cables. Choose from dome, bullet and eyeball 6MP fixed and vari-focal camera options.

SMART H.265+

Smart H.265+ reduces the quantity of data without degrading the image quality and straining the network in four ways.

  • Dynamic Region of Interest (D-ROI)
  • Scene Adaptive Encoding — This strategy ignores minor movements in a scene such as trees or leaves thus keeping the bitrate low, but when a major movement occurs like a vehicle or a person, the camera highlights that area, increasing the bitrate so that more details are maintained.
  • Noise Reduction
  • Dynamic Groups of Pictures (D-GOP) — Keeping in mind that surveillance video is mostly static for a majority of the time and that motion occurs for only short instances, D-GOP inserts an I-frame in the group of pictures only when the camera detects motion to ensure the video quality.

Intelligent video system analytics

IVS adds sense and structure to a video surveillance system so operators are more efficient with these features:

  • Heat Mapping — The heat map function demonstrates two types of heat map charts: number of people and average strand time. Widely used in retail spaces, this feature will enable you to easily analyze customers’ preferences.
  • People counting — Used to count people entering or exiting a monitoring scenario, this feature will notify you if the assigned entry/exit number is surpassed.
  • Trip wires — Better than motion detection, trip wires signal an alarm when an object enters or exits a defined area. All you have to do is a specify a detection area and parameters and lets us do the rest.
  • Zone control and geofencing — Using GPS coordinates, the geofencing feature sends you a notification if a vehicle goes outside its zone.

Unified Platform

Our systems are offered on a unified platform for video management. Whether you are on your computer, tablet or smart phone we have the information you need at the tips of your fingers Our manufacturing partners build cameras, recorders and author their own software.

Mobile Video

Take your video anywhere. By using the robust cellular network as a data backhaul, we can stream video from virtually anywhere. With our low power consumption cameras, using solar panels is an ideal option for acquiring video virtually anywhere. If there is cellular and sun, we can get you video!

In-building Security

We do in-building security too! Not all solutions have to be remote. We can help design, engineer and install your in-building camera security system with confidence. With state of the art cameras and by using wide angle, 360 degree technology, we can cover more area with fewer cameras. This mean we can save you money on cameras, installation and storage. Ask us how we can offer you more coverage at a lower cost!

True Cloud Video Storage

Eagle Eye Networks

Think Wireless has partnered with Eagle Eye’s 100 percent cloud-managed solutions which are smart, simple, and secure. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system) is the only platform robust and flexible enough to power the future of video surveillance and intelligence. Purpose built for the cloud and AI, it addresses customers’ security needs with infinite scalability, flexible pricing plans, a wide array of advanced analytics, and an open RESTful API platform for unlimited customization.