After a referral from Lafarge Aggregates, we have built a decade long relationship with Think! Wireless. Having the ability to log onto, and re-route trucks, helps us save time and money. Real time cameras give fast responses for footage of accidents, and are able to help us avoid expensive insurance claims. Great Customer Service!


Appreciate the ability to connect the field (workers) to the back office, especially when it comes to consumables, and timesheets. We have peace of mind from reducing errors and omissions to clients, and have a polished product when it comes to invoicing.

Profile Drilling

We appreciate the fast updates to access live information, portability, user friendly interface and accessibility of the program. This product saves time because it is easy to access for both users and administration. Marco and the Think! Wireless team did a great job of building confidence about the product and came in person to help us.

Salt Depot

We’ve had an 8 year working relationship so far, and Think! Wireless helped us go from a paper based company to a streamlined digital format. The team a Think! is a Game Changer. Graeme is always looking for solutions and is quick to respond to any questions, while Marco patiently helps us understand the process of integrating programs. Most importantly, we have cut a lot of time in the office handling paperwork which reduces stress and human error in paperwork. If we can save 2 hours a month, Field 2 Base pays for itself!

Conestogo Mechanical

Think! Wireless came to us as a referral from Telus. The ease of use of the GPS, dashcam and mobile form product, and the prompt customer service are the two biggest draws to Think! Wireless. Marco is extremely technically proficient, which you do not find in many other sales people.

Food for Life